Which Brow Style Should I Choose?! Microblading? Combo Brows? Ombre/Powder Brows?

In this video, I will show pictures of different brow styles to help you decide the best permanent makeup (#microblading #combobrows #powderbrows #ombrebrows) for your eyebrows. Maine Brow and Lash

Microblading Healing Process:

What to expect during the first month of the microblading healing process. Maine Brow and Lash

Why you need Microblading Touch-Ups:

Why you need #Microblading Touch up and Touch ups in the future.

Eyelash Extensions Pre and Post Care:

How to prepare for your eyelash extensions appoinment and how to take care of your extensions for a long retention.

Difference between: Microblading, Combo Brows, Ombre Brows/Powder Brows/Microshading:

#microblading #Microshading #combobrows #ombreBrows Description of the different eyebrow techniques.

Color Selection for Eyebrows Microblading:

In this video, I will describe how we select the color for your eyebrows and show you the color options.

Studio Tour. Microblading and Eyelash extensions:

A quick tour of my Microblading and eyelash extensions studio tour. Website: mainebrowandlash.com Facebook and Instagram: @mainebrowandlash

How To Choose A Microblading Artist? Tips!

In this video, I will be sharing my personal opinions on how to select the right microblading artist for you! Tips on what to look out for! Keep in mind, those are my PERSONAL opinions. (My name is Sanela, I am the owner of Maine Brow and Lash and I am a microblading artist in the state of Maine.) My website: mainebrowandlash.com facebook and instagram @mainebrowandlash

Microblading FAQ: Microblading Process, How to prepare for your appointment:

In this video, I will be answering some frequently asked questions regarding microblading. What is the microblading process? Why does it take 2 hours? Does microblading hurt? and much more. For more info. visit my website mainebrowandlash.com Find me on facebook and instagram @mainebrowandlash

Microblading Healing Process. First Month.