Sanela Marinic


Permanent Makeup Artist.
Licensed Micro Pigmentation Practitioner.
Licensed Aesthetician

Sanela is a licensed aesthetician and micro pigmentation specialist, as well as a licensed trainer in the field. Her passion for art and beauty has been evident since a young age, and she has seamlessly integrated these talents into her professional career.

Originally from Bosnia, Sanela migrated to the United States in 1998, bringing with her a rich cultural heritage and a strong work ethic. She enjoys spending quality time with her husband and two children, finding inspiration and balance in her family life.

With her artistic eye and dedication to her craft, Sanela has become a respected figure in the aesthetics community. Her commitment to excellence and continuous learning ensures that she provides the highest quality services and training to her clients and students.

Angela Paradis

Skin Care Specialist and Lash Artist.
Licensed Aesthetician

Angela is a licensed aesthetician with a deep passion for all things beauty. Known for her bubbly and fun personality, she brings joy and laughter to everyone she meets. Outside of work, Angela loves spending quality time with her husband and her beloved dog. Her enthusiasm and positive energy make her a beloved figure among clients and colleagues alike.

Sasha Simatovic

Lash Artist.
Licensed Aaesthetician

Sasha is a licensed aesthetician and a highly skilled eyelash extensions artist. A dedicated hard worker, she combines her love for art and drawing with her passion for helping clients. Sasha excels at making everyone feel and look beautiful, bringing her artistic touch to every service she provides.

Sophie Ramini

Lash Artist
Licensed Aesthetician

Sophie is a licensed aesthetician and talented eyelash extensions artist. Known for her sweet and caring personality, she brings warmth and kindness to every client interaction. Outside of work, Sophie enjoys spending quality time with her fiancé and her baby, Noah. Her dedication to her craft and her loving nature make her a cherished member of our team.